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“You have given me an extension of life. I was supposed to die years ago! I do it every day!” — 2013-09-27
“I practice your 4 set almost everyday. Your format is a lot easier to use than others on the market.” — Robert, 2013-12-14
“I’ve had four major back surgeries—if I knew now what I knew then, I wouldn’t have opted for the surgeries. I wish I knew about Tai Chi for these videos earlier. This product has made my daily life better. It’s reduced my pain, increased my mobility, and kept me from spiraling ever downward...”
“This is a well-run site, I am very pleased with the exceptional service this site provides. I talked to the owner and he was very helpful and I received a lot of knowledge about this video and possible other purchases. He also explained how to become certified to instruct this program.”
“I have these DVD videos they are wonderful ... I have COPD and it has helped me even my Dr. wanted to know what I was doing.” — Irene K., Dec. 28, 2017 - 10:54am PST
“...The in-depth warm-ups, acupressure, and Tai Chi program Mr. Johnson has created have greatly helped my condition.”
“Tai Chi for Seniors was one of the best Internet purchasing experiences I’ve ever had—and I purchase a number of products online.”
I’m not officially a “senior.” I’m in my early 50s, but the in-depth warm-ups, acupressure, and Tai Chi program have greatly helped my condition.”
“I Had no idea the wealth of instruction. Absolutely intoxicating!!!” — Christine, 2014-09-17
“Your video is exquisitely done; I just found my purpose in life. I feel like I have come home.” — Jane S.
“My students love ‘Tai Chi for Seniors’. And many report having better balance, more leg strength, and just feeling better and having more energy after our morning workout.  I recommend it for anyone interested in learning Tai Chi.” — David Rosenberg, Tai Chi Instructor
Just a note to let you know how much I am enjoying the videos. I also read your book (thanks for the personalized autograph!), and enjoyed it so much I marked several places to re-read on a regular basis.

I do the warm-ups, the joint exercises, and the acupuncture-like practices on a daily basis, and am learning the 5-minute workout one movement at a time. Already I have an increased sense of balance and coordination, and an overall sense of well-being as I go through the day. And thanks for the added humor!

I’m so glad I found your website and ordered the videos and book. They are making such a difference that a friend I hadn’t seen in a month or so told me I looked 10 years younger. In any case, I feel better at 63 than I did at 53.

Somewhere on your website I read that you will certify a serious student to teach your method for seniors. Can you furnish more information on that? I don’t need to do something like that for the money, but I would sure like to help other people to get moving and improve their health. Thanks again, Kim B. McGehee Durant, OK — Jul 28, 2015
“I feel I know you through watching your video for years. I shared it with many of my students. You are inspiring and a great guide.” — 2014-02-10
“Am really too excited to keep writing about it, I had to turn it off before the end to calm down. What more can I say? Thanks for blessing our path with your teachings.” — Sharon S., 2015-04-27
“I live in a senior community and will place other dvd in the social area where tv and dvd player is located so folks can get up and move a bit rather than just sitting around eating cookies. In my 30s I was hit by a vehicle as I walked down the street – hit and run. Broke left side of my body. Your dvd helped me heal. In 2015 I feel off a tour bus in Canada and split my head open   bad concussion and walked with a cane for a while. Your dvd helped me regain balance and get rid of the cane. Memory is not very good after hitting my head so rely on dvd. Now and then I have back aches and if it wasn’t for your dvd would have difficulty getting around. You have made such a big difference in my life and have always been there for me. Thank you is not enough. Keep doing what you are doing making a difference in this world. Very best wishes.” — Alice Hart,| 12/4/2017 9:09:11 PM PST

Learn to heal yourself with an internationally renowened Tai Chi and Qigong master. Restore your health and balance now!


Why is Tai Chi1 so popular these days? And why do hundreds of MILLIONS2 of people worldwide practice Qigong / Tai Chi? It is because those who do practice every day have a longer, more active life than those who don’t, and their health potential increases dramatically.

Doctors are recommending Tai Chi for balance3, stress relief4, fatigue and more because, while other exercises drain you, Tai Chi is easy and actually gives you energy, leaving you feeling refreshed when you finish!

The slow, dance-like speed of Tai Chi creates balance5, flexibility and calmness. With an emphasis on deep breathing and using mental imagery, Tai Chi integrates your mind with your body, and is very effective at relieving stress.

Not all tai chi instructors are equal! Learn the world’s most popular self-healing movements from the “teacher of the teachers”, renowned international Tai Chi/Qigong master & personal instructor to Tom Cruise, Francis Ford Coppola & more...

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More on the health benefits of Tai Chi

Why waste time, energy & money on fighting moves
when you can learn to heal yourself?

Many Tai Chi DVDs today feature over 24 complex martial art moves with little or no hint as to what the health benefits are, and precious little information offered, or how to get the most healing energy out of every move. Also, many instructors have very limited training and are selling through distributors who are more interested in profits than quality.

In contrast, this video features just 10 simple self healing moves, featuring Master Mark Johnson, who has taught Tai Chi and Qigong for over 50 years and judged over 50 tournaments. Mark has been extensively trained by many famous experts was also highly trained in Qigong and acupuncture, and has masterfully integrated those three healing arts from China, teaching them with playfulness and humor.

Most forms of exercise dissipate your energy and make you tired and hyper at the same time! Our form of Qigong/Tai Chi accumulates energy and leaves you refreshed and relaxed when you finish. Our graceful, fluid movements, coupled with an emphasis on deep breathing and mental focus, can restore balance, decrease stress, and increase calmness and flexibility, which allows for the integration of your mind and body.

Qigong/Tai Chi can also improve your leg and lower body strength, decrease arthritis pain, and aid in the recovery of injuries. For those of you with high blood pressure, a recent presentation at the American Heart Association found that just 12 weeks of Tai Chi resulted in a small but significant drop in blood pressure in seniors.

Because Tai Chi styles come from a martial background, they have a lot of kicks and punches that are simply not useful for most beginners and elderly people. Our Qigong/Tai Chi styles have left out the martial moves and only incorporate the moves with the most health potential. They also include knowledge of the electrical system used in acupuncture. Qigong translates as “Mastery of the energetic flow inside your body”. This bio-electrical flow aids in cellular communication, appropriate immune responses and physical coordination. Many of our modern illnesses are a result of a breakdown in this bio-electrical flow within the body. Awareness of that flow brings dimensions of self healing that other forms of exercise and healing systems simply do not have.

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Tai Chi Can Improve:



Immune system

High blood pressure


Stress and More!
No longer just a Chinese phenomena, Tai Chi (Taiji) is rapidly spreading throughout the world. It is more popular now than ever before because the millions of people who practice it are living a more active life than those who don’t. As a result, many Western doctors are now recommending it to their patients, especially the elderly.

Qigong and Tai Chi are now recognized by the U.S. National Institute of Health’s Office of Alternative Medicine as an important method of Alternative Health Care.

Over 75 percent of traditional medical schools in the U.S. now have training in natural medicine and some medical schools have set up departments to research these styles.
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Life As Play - by Mark Johnson
Learn about Mark’s training in his delightfully profound book, Life As Play



Qigong/Tai Chi Master Mark Johnson is now available via live video to address your specific health challenges, and take your form to a higher level!

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